Refractories for furnace

  • Characteristics of refractories

- Density
- Particle size
- Strength
- Damage strength
- Heat shock resistance value
- Thermal conductivity
- Heat expansion coefficient (refer to graph)

  • Problems arising from refractories' lining

- Super Heating : Occurs due to wrong insertion method of bridging and when excessively increasing temperature when working at melting furnace.
- Finning : It refers to casting infiltrating through the crack of refractories and the crack is classified according to the management of melting   furnace: perpendicular, horizontal and irregular cracks.
- Spalling : means breaking loose due to factors such as lack of wrong stomping, wrong sintering and moisture containing.
- Erosion : means the lining thickness gradually decreasing due to chemical and physical factors.
- Build Up : means the accumulation of oxides of molten metal in the wall that has been lined.

  • Refractories for cast iron
Item SiO2 (%) Al2O3 (%) MgO (%) TiO2 (%) Other (%) Other (%) Highest use temperature(℃) Density (g/cc) Particle size (mesh)
 MINRO-SIL RAM 1001 99.2 0.5 - - - 0.2 1650 2.15 6
MINRO-AL PLASTIC A76 24.0 70.2 - 0.7 - 0.1 1650 2.56 8
STEEL-PAK 90CR 9.7 77.3 0.1 0.1 Cr2O3 7.8 3.0 1760 2.93 4
COIL CEMENT A44 0.1 95.5 - - - 0.4 1815 2.72 14
  • MINRO-SIL RAM 2001 1.5 BA

It is a silica based refractory designed for lining coreless induction furnaces and can be selected according to tapping temperature. It has long life time as it has no moisture and high purity.

It is a silica based refractory and is very strong against heat shock, which does not contain Boron Oxide.
It is applied on Top Cap and Spout part of lining, It is strong against physical shock as its strength is very strong.
As a high purity alumina plastic containing Cr2O3, it is strong against slag attack and is most appropriate for spout and repairing agent.
It is a coil cement with high alumina purity. It is used for important repair and is applied by adding 8% of water.
  • Ceramic cloth for induction furnaces
Item Thickness Package Note
HW-WEAVE 2.0 – 2.2mm 25m/Roll, 50m/Roll CERAMIC CLOTH
  • Self rotating refractory tamper for induction furnaces
The refractory is rammed automatically while the two pistons in different directions hit the forms. At that time, the air pressure is needed from 5kg to 7kg/m3. It is an innovative method for furnace that can contently solve manpower consumption, life time of refractories and safety guarantee of the furnace body.
MODEL NO.(DRFL) Range of use(forms diameter) Furnace capacity
0914 - 020 Dia 220 - 360mm 150 - 400kg
1424 - 050 Dia 350 - 600mm 500 - 1500kg
2232 - 050 Dia 550 - 800mm 1500 - 3000kg
SP special ordering specification 5 ton or more
  • Mica sheet for induction furnaces