Haewon Ind. Inc. and Haewon FM Co., Ltd. was founded in 1987 and through amassed technology and constant technology development, is recognized as a leading company in the area of automotive parts production using shell mold casting and foundry materials.

Using multi-layered molding engineering, Haewon Ind. Inc. has great competitiveness in small size casting that has thickness of less than 2 inches.Furthermore, compared to sand casting with different casting surface roughness due to shell mold, it is not only superior, but has the characteristic of having excellent size precision. Through new technology development that has fused management system innovation, base technology and advanced technology of QS9000 and ISO/TS16949 certification, it is repeating rapid development such as realizing the development strong, thin wall and heat-resistant casting.

Through ISO9001 and ISO14001, Haewon FM Co., Ltd. is persistently conducting research development and environmental innovation activity for the best technology and quality improvement. Through constant management innovation activity, best quality products are supplied in a timely manner to construct an integrated quality management system for customer satisfaction. As a future-oriented company that leads the quality of the 21st century casting industry, we promise our utmost in customer satisfaction through constant innovation activity and advanced technology development.

Haewon Ind. Inc. and Haewon FM Co., Ltd. will always be with you. We request great love and interest for the future of Haewon Ind. Inc. and Haewon FM Co,. Ltd. that is leaping forward towards the world and the future.

Thank you.